WIN £5,000 WITH DIET COKE 2017 - FAQs




1.   What is the promotion?

Launching on the 11th September, Diet Coke is giving consumers the chance to win £5,000 every day for six weeks to celebrate the Get the Gang Back Together campaign.


2.   Who is eligible to enter the promotion?

This Diet Coke promotion is open to residents of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), Channel Islands and the Isle of Man only, excluding employees (and their immediate families) of Coca-Cola Great Britain, Coca-Cola European Partners, their agencies, or anyone else professionally connected with the promotion.


3.   Why are you launching the promotion? 

Diet Coke wants to give everyone who enters the chance to treat themselves once in a while and that you don’t miss out on a special occasion. Launching on the 11th September, consumers will be offered the opportunity to win £5,000 every day for six weeks.    


4.   Who is the promotion aimed at?

The promotion is open to anyone over the age of 18 who is looking to treat themselves to a dream purchase.


5.   Why have you designed new cans for the promotion? 

Diet Coke is well known for its association with music, travel, fashion and beauty and the four beautiful, new limited edition can designs reflect these areas to celebrate the launch of the promotion.     


Promotion Specific


6.   Why have you chosen to give away £5,000?

We all have that one dream purchase in mind, whether that be a new designer handbag, tickets to a festival or a trip abroad with friends and we hope winners spend it on an experience that they never forget.    


7.   What does the prize include?  

Winners will receive £5,000 pre-loaded onto a Mastercard to spend on their dream purchase.      


8.   Which packs does the promotion run on?  

The promotion will run across Diet Coke 330ml cans, 500ml PET bottles, 1.75ltr PET bottles, 2ltr PET bottles and 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, and 24 can multipacks.

The promotion will also run across Diet Coke No Caffeine 500ml PET bottles, 1.75ltr PET bottles and 8 and 12 can multipacks.


9.   How long does the promotion run for?   

The promotion runs from 11th September 2017 until 22nd October 2017.      


10. Why isn’t the promoton available on Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Coke Life packs?   

On this occasion we are running a Diet Coke specific promotion and it will be available on millions of Diet Coke and Diet Coke No Caffeine packs across the UK. Coke Life is being phased out from the UK market.      


11.   Where can I buy the promotional packs?   

Promotional packs will be available key retail stores across the UK from 11th September 2017 until 22nd October 2017.     


12.  I can’t find the promotional packs?    

Promotional packs are available across the country, so please do keep looking. While it isn’t possible for us to share details of exactly where participating packs are still on shelves, they are available across key retailers nationwide.


13.  What are my chances of winning?    

There will be one prize draw every day for six weeks, plus one bonus draw.      


14.  How will I know if I have won?    

Each winner will be contacted via email within 24 hours of the relevant draw, with details on how to confirm their prize. Winning status is subject to verification against the promotional terms and conditions.


15.  Can I win more than one time?    

There is a maximum of one winner per household as outlined within the terms and conditions of the promotion.  


16.  What happens if a minor wins the promotion?    

The promotion is only open to those aged 18 years and above and all winner’s details will be verified.


17.  If I win, how do I get the money?    

Upon verification, winners will receive £5,000 via a pre-loaded Mastercard, along with instructions on how to activate the card before they can start spending.   


18.  Can I exchange the £5,000 for cash?      

Winners will receive the £5,000 on a pre-paid Mastercard. The winner can withdraw cash using the pre-paid card provided.


Entry Specific


19.  How do I enter the promotion?     

Participating packs of Diet Coke and Diet Coke No Caffeine will be in-store nationwide from 11th September 2017 until 22nd October 2017.    


To be in with a chance of winning the £5,000, entrants will need to visit, register their details or log in and enter their unique 8 digit promotional code found on or within the ‘Win £5,000 Every Day’ promotional packs of Diet Coke.


20.  I don’t have internet access. Can I still enter the promotion?      

To enter the competiton, you will need internet access via your smartphone, laptop or home computer.


21. When I entered the unique code, an error appeared. What do I do?      

Please try entering the unique code again to enter the promotion. If you continue to have difficulty entering, please call our customer service team on 0800 227711. 


22. What does subject to verification mean?      

In accordance to the terms and conditions, verification checks will be carried out in order to proceed with your winner claim. When you call the number provided in the winners email, the team will run through the terms and conditions and make sure you comply with the terms in order to verify your win.   


23. What if I can't view the website on my desktop/laptop/mobile?

You need to make sure you are using a current web browser; you may need to download the latest versions.



•     iPhone 5 and above running iOS9+

•     Android 5.0+


DESKTOP (Windows)

•     Google Chrome 40+

•     Mozilla Firefox 28+

•     Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+

•     Microsoft Edge 12+



•     Google Chrome 40+

•     Mozilla Firefox 28+

•     Safari 7+


24. I found a promotional pack offering the chance to win £5,000 in Northern Ireland and would like to enter?

Unfortunately the promotion to win £5,000 is only open to GB, Channel Island and Isle of Man residents. However there is a similar promotion running in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland which you are eligible to enter, so please do look out for participating Diet Coke packs in market offering a chance to win a shopping spree.